Hello Hong Kong

I’m 26 years happy go lucky old it’s year 2010 and I am in fantastic place I call home for last 11 months called “Hong Kong”.. I even love the sound of this city’s name, I love it’s shape and image, its streets and buildings, hong kong lights and its sticky humid air, absolutely love the language people speak here, even I do not understand it, and that is probably why I never really feel who this people are, so I like them too.

I do not mind that this city is build on hills, what normally would make me complain, Me just being Me “complaining princess”
It is quite difficult to walk uphill and downhill on my super high heels shoes which were all made for red carpet rather then street walk. And I would never give up my heels, never. (Yeah, there you are, just had to mention my shoes as that is partly who I am too)

What I really do love about hong kong is that you have to keep up looking UP to explore and really discover the city and it’s hidden secrets. Look Up !! Most of  what great Hong Kong is really about, can be find high up on the top floors of all those tall skyscrapers. I like the idea of looking Up, because that is where I am heading. It just feels right. “look up” sounds great to me !! So keep your head up and lets explore this City !!

See you at the top x Hong Kong my secret love affair x

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