Halloween Spirits ..

I always thought that Halloween is all about themes of death, evil, magic, monsters, ghosts, witches, skeletons, vampires,demons, bats, black cats and about anything from the darkness with all horror elements .But year by year I look around on all this pretty costumes and masks people are wearing to celebrate Halloween’s darkness. I wonder more and more what has a very dolled up-sexy beer girl,  modern-sexy police woman or super-clean sexy nurse to do with Halloween ?? Ok, so we all want to be sexy , that’s Great !! But do you Dare to look Scary too ? So if we choose  our perfect sexy costumes let’s make sure we all sexy people just woke up from death and came long way from cemetery to join the party !! So let’s make our makeup look that way too, so it would all make sense this year !! Complete your costume and Do your creative, artistic and dramatic make up this year and have real scary-sexy fun with it !! I wish you all Very Dark and Sexy Scary Halloween Night !!

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