Missing the City

I have moved out from busy central, now far far away in the middle of nowhere in 3B – Beautiful, Bigger & Brighter apartment surrounded with pretty green scenery in “Resort-Kind-Of-Living” with it’s own happy-us-community ..

Now .. waiting for Mr.Time to help me to get use to it. What exactly am I missing about great city life ? People ? Crowded streets ? Packed restaurants ? Bars ? Busy shops or the crazy traffic? NO, not really.. Am I missing Our Smaller apartment but extremely expensive? NO, not at all ..

Not even the exact location, but it’s easy access to everything whatever I fancy. I’m missing the easiness!! Just having everything right on my doorstep available to me anytime. My favourite nail-salon, my beauty-salon, yoga-center, supermarket, pet-shop, flower-shop, dry-cleaner, great choice of restaurants and bars… Everything within 2-5 minutes walk.

Am I just really spoiled or lazy ?

I even got a new car and I enjoy driving! So what is the big Deal ? Why do I feel so distant from everything ? I guess, it is because I have to plan my days well ahead. I need to think of the right timing now, for whatever I wanna do or wherever I wanna go. This “one hour there & one hour back” makes a big difference in my life. Will I be able to stay active and organise my day well enough? Or am I just unable to function without being in the center of constant movement ?

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