tumblr_n2pwiu73dd1slzm7wo1_500My yoga practice is one of the many gifts that i received through my life.

My Favorite Yoga Pose: Headstand!

Why Headstand ?

My perspective of the world has completely changed since I mastered my first Headstand, then i got addicted to this view on life. All I wanted to do all day long is to – Headstand! To be in upside down position gives me a strong sense of independence.

And as deeper I go into any yoga poses I realize how much they remind me my own situations in my own life.

As an example I have a little problem with Balancing as simple as standing on one foot – especially my left foot – which I can clearly see in my own life – Unable to stay grounded – unbalanced and not always in control or harmony with myself.

When In Headstand I feel great, I feel comfortably at home, I found myself. I feel like an outsider of society listening to only my own inner voice. Being in Unusual position – translates in my life as being always “different” in so many ways – that make no sense to nobody but Me. Taking pleasure in Doing things I was told I can Not Do. But I know this will take me to the right place. One thing is for sure, once you have been the Upside-down Head-standing you never see things quite as you did before.

What is your Favorite Yoga Pose?

Directions from a Blind Man

Some time ago, when we used to live Hong Kong and moved to Gold Coast far from central Hong Kong, I had to learn how to use public transport. (And people say that I am high maintenance, seriously?) All I learnt , was the only one bus that takes me back all the way to Central. N.962 .

(Up to today I do not know any other bus routes and services)

One day I hopped on this bus, went upstairs, took the seat in front for the best view, got comfy in my seat, opened my book to kill some time while heading to central for my yoga class. The journey time is around 45 minutes ..

I’ve read few pages maybe couple of chapters of my book and when I lift my head up to look outside .. I’ve realized Oh My! I just missed my stop! And Yes – what a great book! I quickly got up grabbed my bag and run downstairs to ask the driver to let me out, while he stopped on traffic lights. I know they are not allowed to do that, but I had to try! I didn’t know where I was going from here and where is the next stop going to be. He just looked at me and shook his head (not in the gesture that he can’t let me out, but in a gesture that he doesn’t understand English) I thought “Great!” then the green light came up and the bus has started moving again .. I panic!

In the fear of not knowing where I’m going I turned around and said:

“Excuse me, do you know how far is the next stop?” to first person behind me (Chinese man wearing super dark sunglasses seated right beside the driver) Who with big smile on his face and in perfect English said: “Where are you going?”

I thought to myself: Yes! Thank you God! And replied: “Central – Lyndhurst Terrace”

He replied “You have missed your stop, but you still ok, you can walk the footpath back to Central it is not too far to walk. I’ll be getting off at the next stop too, so I can show you the way or walk you there.”

I thank him for his kindness, pressed the bus-stop-bell and looked out of the window, now much more relaxed. It didn’t take long and the bus started to slow down indicating it stopping. I looked at my “Man” and I froze completely, speechless. I couldn’t believe my own eyes: He stood up and picked up his walking stick, which was placed between the wall and his seat all this time. I went very silent. With a million thoughts running thru my head I got off the bus and watch my Blind Man with his long white cane as he carefully stepped off the bus.

I grabbed him gently by his arm and directed him away from busy road. He looked at me (maybe didn’t really look but faced me) and said “I can walk you there, but I might be too slow for you” I have imagined that slow-walk with the blind man in my head for a second, thinking of all the things I could ask him about .. then I thought – why would I make this man to walk me all the way to my destination and take so much of his time ? I also quickly realized I was already running late for my yoga class and I would really need to run all the way to get there on time. I thank him for his kind offer and asked for the directions, explaining my rush situation. He told me very clearly how to get there, I thank him one more time wished him a good day, turn and started to run.

As soon as I entered the crowd I stopped, turned around to look at the blind man and shouted back at him “But do you know where you going ?”

He laughed and shouted back at me :

“I know Hong Kong better than you do!” And he was right.

He was the blind man who could see, because he wanted to see with all his heart. He didn’t need my name or face – I am my voice to him.

I thought of all those people I know that can see – but are blind.

What Was Yours most memorable bus-ride of your life ?

Strike a Pose for Hollywood!

My girlfriends always question me about my waxing experiences, it actually became a very popular and fun topic to talk about, after one glass of wine. I have been getting waxed for over 6 years and I have to agree with my girls “I am a Pro” I come, I strip, I hope up on the table, I lie down, I relax, I Chat, I Smile, no pain and leave the salon silky smooth. So I get questioned about it a lot. Girls ask me all kind of things: about getting nude or the pain. But mostly they are curious about the actual position when getting Hollywood wax.

Well, for me it’s just like a Butterfly pose in yoga. (lie down on your back, bend your knees, open them like a book, bring the soles of your feet together then keep legs in butterfly)

I lie there on the top of table comfortably and shamelessly, my legs open as wide as it goes, in my case after two years of practicing yoga my hips can open really wide effortlessly. With my knickers off getting my usual “Hollywood” wax. After so many years of regular waxing it is just like going for a haircut or pedicure, and No, I do not feel pain anymore. And Yes, ofcourse it was very painfull on the beginning. The girls in the salon are proffesional and will try to make your experience as painless as they possibly can.

To explain Hollywood wax: is much more then just a bikini line and a bit more then brazilian wax (often left with small strip or triangle shape piece of hair in the front) Well, Hollywood means to take it all off !

About Butterfly Pose:
Your Hips Would Love you for this!
Excellent Hip-opener.
Nice pose for pregnant woman also.

Cup of Tea

I have always been making endless cups of tea for a string of people who come to me for sympathy all my life. And I never know, if it’s my tea-making or my emphatic listening, that makes them feel so much better & happier. But recently it has been and still is “One hell of a Emotional Ride” preparing a cup of tea for the person I love the most. My sister.
It has been over two years now, that she has been going thru so many changes in her life, with her day-to-day issues, uncontrollably going from one extreme to the other, while swinging her moods drastically, sometimes being her old self, sometimes completely new-re-born, sometimes in between, sometimes lost, then found again (yippee! I like that Stage). On other occasions super Hyper or extremely tired. I could just go on and on .. believe me, it’s much bigger then common day to day changes in mood. And I know that for a fact, as I am the moodiest person myself, that I know of. I think what my sister is going through is caused by too much stress. I just wish there was a kind of tea that gives you balance and harmony back into your life just in One Cup, just like get 2 for 1 kind-of-deal. You would think everything had already been invented. But it hasn’t. Well, until then, I want you to know I am here for YOU.
Yours and only very different flower from the very same garden x