Cup of Tea

I have always been making endless cups of tea for a string of people who come to me for sympathy all my life. And I never know, if it’s my tea-making or my emphatic listening, that makes them feel so much better & happier. But recently it has been and still is “One hell of a Emotional Ride” preparing a cup of tea for the person I love the most. My sister.
It has been over two years now, that she has been going thru so many changes in her life, with her day-to-day issues, uncontrollably going from one extreme to the other, while swinging her moods drastically, sometimes being her old self, sometimes completely new-re-born, sometimes in between, sometimes lost, then found again (yippee! I like that Stage). On other occasions super Hyper or extremely tired. I could just go on and on .. believe me, it’s much bigger then common day to day changes in mood. And I know that for a fact, as I am the moodiest person myself, that I know of. I think what my sister is going through is caused by too much stress. I just wish there was a kind of tea that gives you balance and harmony back into your life just in One Cup, just like get 2 for 1 kind-of-deal. You would think everything had already been invented. But it hasn’t. Well, until then, I want you to know I am here for YOU.
Yours and only very different flower from the very same garden x



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