Strike a Pose for Hollywood!

My girlfriends always question me about my waxing experiences, it actually became a very popular and fun topic to talk about, after one glass of wine. I have been getting waxed for over 6 years and I have to agree with my girls “I am a Pro” I come, I strip, I hope up on the table, I lie down, I relax, I Chat, I Smile, no pain and leave the salon silky smooth. So I get questioned about it a lot. Girls ask me all kind of things: about getting nude or the pain. But mostly they are curious about the actual position when getting Hollywood wax.

Well, for me it’s just like a Butterfly pose in yoga. (lie down on your back, bend your knees, open them like a book, bring the soles of your feet together then keep legs in butterfly)

I lie there on the top of table comfortably and shamelessly, my legs open as wide as it goes, in my case after two years of practicing yoga my hips can open really wide effortlessly. With my knickers off getting my usual “Hollywood” wax. After so many years of regular waxing it is just like going for a haircut or pedicure, and No, I do not feel pain anymore. And Yes, ofcourse it was very painfull on the beginning. The girls in the salon are proffesional and will try to make your experience as painless as they possibly can.

To explain Hollywood wax: is much more then just a bikini line and a bit more then brazilian wax (often left with small strip or triangle shape piece of hair in the front) Well, Hollywood means to take it all off !

About Butterfly Pose:
Your Hips Would Love you for this!
Excellent Hip-opener.
Nice pose for pregnant woman also.

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