tumblr_n2pwiu73dd1slzm7wo1_500My yoga practice is one of the many gifts that i received through my life.

My Favorite Yoga Pose: Headstand!

Why Headstand ?

My perspective of the world has completely changed since I mastered my first Headstand, then i got addicted to this view on life. All I wanted to do all day long is to – Headstand! To be in upside down position gives me a strong sense of independence.

And as deeper I go into any yoga poses I realize how much they remind me my own situations in my own life.

As an example I have a little problem with Balancing as simple as standing on one foot – especially my left foot – which I can clearly see in my own life – Unable to stay grounded – unbalanced and not always in control or harmony with myself.

When In Headstand I feel great, I feel comfortably at home, I found myself. I feel like an outsider of society listening to only my own inner voice. Being in Unusual position – translates in my life as being always “different” in so many ways – that make no sense to nobody but Me. Taking pleasure in Doing things I was told I can Not Do. But I know this will take me to the right place. One thing is for sure, once you have been the Upside-down Head-standing you never see things quite as you did before.

What is your Favorite Yoga Pose?

2 thoughts on “Headstand

  1. Sometime ago, I went for a yoga session in our local gym. It was quite difficult for a newbie like me to perform some of the exercises but when I was able to do the headstand… Boy! was it fun. Most probably I experience something similar to what you just wrote about in this post. Looking forward to reading more about you 🙂


  2. I see my own life thru yoga practice. I can compare Every pose I do and how well I do it, to the way I am and the way I approach situations, challenges and relationships in my own life. I’m Very good at strength and flexibility, not so good in Balancing on one foot ..
    For example Tree Pose means good Foundation to Me. The quality or state of having roots or being firmly established and in Balance & Control.

    What is your Favorite Yoga Pose?


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