Let me Introduce you to my Big Small Family – My Cat-troubles:


One is Easy  x  Two are just so Funny x  Third is a Big Surprise x  Fourth a Sweet Gift

Must Love Cats

Yes, it’s a Must.

Not One – Not Two – Not Three – But Four

C A T S !!

Yes Four Cats. Shocking ? I know!

It does shock me every time I say it.

Still to this day I cannot believe it. Four Cats !!

That is this many :

Cat Line Drawing Clip ArtCat Line Drawing Clip ArtCat Line Drawing Clip ArtCat Line Drawing Clip Art

How did it Happened?

I mean, I’ve been a huge animal lover all my childhood bringing home all living things I could find – from street dogs, lost dogs, big dogs, small dogs to birds, parrots & hamsters – those I got from my Uncle’s Pet shop every time I came to see him there. Today, I understand, it was just His way to tease his sister – my Mum ! But in my eyes, He was the best uncle I had, i saw him as someone as Mowgli – Wild boy raised by the Wolf Pack, friend with all other wild animals – talking their language. How cool is that! Then I grow up and somehow grow out of it.

Since I left my Parents House (with one family dog in household) I knew I would never like to have a pet myself. Yup, never. And I didn’t have one for many years .. So how did I end up with 4 cats being a dog-person?

The first two (mother & son – Dolly & Tubby) came as a package with my boyfriend (Awww .. I know, how sweet!) And I have completely fallen in love with those two fluffy little souls, spoiling them with all cats-yummy-food & all cats-fun-toys. I became one of those people who belive that their pets actually talk. And Believe Me, My Cats really do! So After couple of years, When We’ve moved to our new apartment, I had to look for new pet shop, in my new area where I could regularly get everything I need for my babies. And I have found one, the problem was this Shop not only had all the food needed, great selection of toys and scratches, bowls, brushes, products & all kind of accessories ..

They have Pets! Cats! Kittens! Many! All over the place! So cute!

Not that I needed more cats, no way! I already had Two. That was already more than enough! I would not even think of having more, unthinkable! Besides that my Cats were the most Beautiful out of all of them of course! Within few weeks, coming often to this pet shop just to get whatever was needed for my spoiled babies, I have created a friendly relation with the Shop Owner. Frank. (even tho he looks more like a Felix to me, wonder why?) Smart man figured out what i thought was well hidden my soft side for cats. Or me just talking about them like they are my kids it’s kind of giving it away.. He could sell me anything he needed to sell, from treats to toys to baskets to whole playgrounds. I would always stop at the front part of his shop with new kittens for sale just to stroke and adore them.

One day Me and my Boyfriend came to get Cat’s Food and as We waited for Frank to come back from his stoke room, I have spotted something very colorful toy like at the bottom shelf at the very back of his shop. Curiously I went to cluttered corner to see what those thing were, and as I squat and stare at all those stuff piled onto shelves .. Something just moved fast and a little white head pops out with a little tongue sticking of its little mouth looking at me with those baby innocent dark eyes.

‘Oh My God! That is so Cute! the Cutest Thing I ever seen’ I couldn’t really say what kind of animal that was, my closest guess would be an Owl, Snow Owl. Frank was back (just on time) he picked her up and put her in my arms and informed me ‘Scottish Fold Breed – Because of Folded Ears’ Now, I can see she is a cat, but ‘Why is she not for sale with all other kittens?’

Frank quickly corrects me ‘She is for Sale! but she is a little old now, she is 4-5 months already, all her brothers and sister was sold within first few weeks .. no one wants her, everyone thinks there is something wrong with her because of her tongue sticking out’

My Boyfriend Laughed ‘She looks like blowing raspberries!’ All I heard was – no one wants her, everyone thinks there is something wrong with her – I fallen in Love Immediately then faced my Boyfriend ‘Is she Destined to grow up as a ShopCat just because She is Different? What is wrong with people? She deserves to be Loved as much as all other kittens! Anyway Don’t you think our Tubby would like a Girlfriend to play with?’ He seemed confused ‘Huh? No. Really?  You cannot be serious. Can I just Remind you, we do have two cats at home already.’

I smile my best, pretty-please-smile at him ‘I am sure they both would love Raspberry’

He looks at me puzzled ‘Raspberry ?’

I nodded in a way like She is already mine little weirdo and I’m gonna protect her no matter what. My boyfriend just being the best boyfriend ever, never saying No to me (and I Love him so much!) Nodded to Frank ‘we take her’

Frank smiles from one ear to another ‘Good News! That would be 6000 HK Dollars for a Pedigree Cat’

Steven is in shock ‘Ah whatever ! I pay for cat that no-one wants with broken tongue, great!’ And that was it, paid – Cat in the Bag . That is How the 3rd One Happened to Us.

Our Little Angel Raspberry.

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The Eagle Pose

I bend my knees slightly, lift my left foot up and cross it thigh over the right. Point my left toes toward the floor, then hook the top of the foot behind the lower right calf. Now I balance on the right foot. Cross my arms so the right arm is above the left and then bend my elbow. I wind them around each other and press palms together. Now standing and balancing in


Easy, I can do this! I am now the king of the birds! I feel strength & focus in my eagle spirit. I have turned into an Eagle, Rising above the all material to see the spiritual. Just When My master says ‘Now come out of your pose and change the cross of the Legs’ I relax and mentally prepare myself for changing my legs. I start very slowly because I don’t trust my left foot. While I’m just slowly bending my knee – I notice the whole studio room is full of perfect still eagles balancing on left foot like they were all eagle egg hatched! I panic. That’s where my head gets full of thoughts and I start talking to myself in my head:

‘Oh Great! You just lost your focus! Come on! You can do this! Concentrate; do not compare yourself to those other Birds! Take a deep inhale –  focus – You standing now – exhale – keep it Balanced .. Ok, ok .. let me do this, just stop talking to me please!’ 

I’m now Balancing on my left foot I cross my arms in reversed order, then… Expected happened: my Left foot let me down and I flew my Eagle with all its ability to see hidden spiritual truths right out of my pose. Well, I may not have Eagle qualities, but the good news is strong Eagles aren’t born, they’re made. And with Eagle’s determination I keep practicing to become a better Eagle.

This is a lesson learnt from skilled and fearless Eagle:  Work smarter, not harder.

yoga-pose-eagle-pose-4273-1Eagle Pose Benefits
  • Strengthens and stretches the ankles and calves
  • Stretches the thighs, hips, shoulders, and upper back
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves sense of balance

Fasten Seatbelt

plane_view_1024x768Here I am. Happy. On Plane. Yes! Again.
And this is not “please don’t hate me coz I’m busy jetting around the world” post.
I just have this plane-side of me.
I love being on plane. And I am not talking about excitement for my destination or some fascination for planes . No.
I just enjoy being on plane. I enjoy the time I spend on it. It makes me Relax.
Doesn’t matter where am I flying to. I Switch off completely as soon as I get seated on plane.
With instructions to turn off all electronic devices I Switch off too.
I know it’s a little weird.
Boarding plane, means my time to Relax.
Today Time to Destination: 14 hours and 20 minutes.
Perfect !! This is my time !!
I know most people don’t like flying and definitely cannot see plane as a place to Relax.

I think my feeling comes from the fact that I have No control over anything as soon as I fasten my seatbelt. It’s my time to let go ..
When I get on plane, all my tasks, daily duties, worries and problems stay on the ground.
Because once I take off I have no power over any of those things. I cannot deal with situations left down here, unable to call to solve something or send an email to sort an issue that needs attention at that time. So I try to make most of it! I let go & Relax.

I have just got Engaged like a Celebrity

First of all, I got Engaged !!! Secondly, I was photographed by professional paparazzi for 2 days not knowing anything! New York Romantic Brooklyn Bridge Proposal – Paparazzi Engagement See it here :

Steven and Tonka New York Romantic Brooklyn Bridge Proposal. – Paparazzi Engagement Photography & Proposal Planning.

Where did your partner propose you?

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