Fasten Seatbelt

plane_view_1024x768Here I am. Happy. On Plane. Yes! Again.
And this is not “please don’t hate me coz I’m busy jetting around the world” post.
I just have this plane-side of me.
I love being on plane. And I am not talking about excitement for my destination or some fascination for planes . No.
I just enjoy being on plane. I enjoy the time I spend on it. It makes me Relax.
Doesn’t matter where am I flying to. I Switch off completely as soon as I get seated on plane.
With instructions to turn off all electronic devices I Switch off too.
I know it’s a little weird.
Boarding plane, means my time to Relax.
Today Time to Destination: 14 hours and 20 minutes.
Perfect !! This is my time !!
I know most people don’t like flying and definitely cannot see plane as a place to Relax.

I think my feeling comes from the fact that I have No control over anything as soon as I fasten my seatbelt. It’s my time to let go ..
When I get on plane, all my tasks, daily duties, worries and problems stay on the ground.
Because once I take off I have no power over any of those things. I cannot deal with situations left down here, unable to call to solve something or send an email to sort an issue that needs attention at that time. So I try to make most of it! I let go & Relax.

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