“Diabetics – type 2” Dr.Choy said looking at me seriously worried. Yes i have heard it before, but it never sounded so very importantly threatening like it does right now. I sank in my chair, my heart skipped a beat and then I remembered the exact reason why I stopped going doctors. I was worn about it couple of times during my doctor visits, but never really paid much attention to it.

But today was different : “Diabetics type 2” Now, this is not fair at all “type 2” that’s not even my fault, I didn’t cause it! That would be all thanks to great genetics gift from my grandma & uncle- Surprise, surprise I felt victimised. My Doctor continues and tells me in very serious tone to Watch my diet and for the best, change to no carbs diet. Well, I have no slightest idea of what that really means. I’m not sure if this woman in front of me can actually read my mind, she keeps on talking; “No bread, No pasta, No potatoes, No rice …”
Seriously ? why don’t you tell me what I CAN eat  – would not that be easier?
She looked at me death serious. All of a sudden I felt so alone. I felt cheated. I felt life is not fair. I’m 28 with very high tendency of Diabetics. Trust me, I was fine until now !!
I see this Image from my childhood so clear, my uncle with his little briefcase full of insulin pens or injections. Well, that time it was a “briefcase” that made him very special and important in my eyes, since I was not allowed to play with it.

I just couldn’t imagine myself watching what I eat daily. Absolutely Not! Life without French bakery , Italian pasta & pizza, Thai dishes with rice, Indian nan bread, Vietnamese rice paper, Chinese noodles, Japanese sushi! How can I do it? I love to eat!
But I realized it was about the time to try and get more serious about my health also. It hit me! So I got home and searched the Internet to learn everything that I need to know about diabetics. And the best find, out of all the informations I learnt about diabetics is –

I am not alone.


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