I am not a runner, never have been and never thought of being a runner, yet I Run. Everyday. It happened in March on one silent morning, I woke up with empty mind, rolled out of my bed put some leggings on and sports bra. My yoga gear. But then I put shoes on, trainers lookalike shoes. I tie my shoelaces and without any thoughts, I was out of the doors. I found myself on the road – running –  without looking into a mirror I skipped all my lifelong morning’s lazy habits. An Extraordinary Morning. Passing by people on their way to work and heavy traffic, I don’t hear anything but my heart – pumping, my breath calm, I became apreciatively aware of every tree I passed by, the morning air, the road leading me, my feet – running. I run down to beach, but really, where was I running ? Nothing and no-one could stop me, I wanted to run and so I was running. I run along the beach, some people here in their morning stretching routines, some practising tai chi, some people swimming in the sea, I take a deep inhale of that seawater air, my feet unstoppable, my mind wakes up. It feels so natural, so peaceful, I feel suprisingly comfortable – running. I felt so alive. Since that day i have been running almost everyday, I bought myself real running trainers and I now get greeted by other runners I pass by on my runs.


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