This year I’m looking for a Horse-Shoe

Another year has past (Year of the Snake) a year that has been action packed and pretty rough. Looking back, I wonder now if my guardian angel took a year off and went for a vacation or wherever it is that guardian angels go when they aren’t answering my prayers. For us the year 2013 was all about relocating from Hong Kong to Dubai, opening our new office and settling into our new home for more “kinda-grownups” life. Whatever that means.

Steven, my husband has spent the year redefining the phrase of “working hard” expanding the company. Fifteen-hour days have become the norm for Steve and every once in a while, he took a weekend off. He spent most of the first 6 months in Dubai and if I wasn’t with him I have stayed in Hong Kong most of the time alone and didn’t even border to put his suitcase away. When in Hong Kong I assisted to our business registration for UAE by running around visiting lawyers, embassies and foreigner affaire offices, getting all documents requested by Dubai, daily. All of that effort, time, money spent, sacrifice and energy!

I’m still waiting for the big payoff that will land me in a huge palace and a driver in uniform and white gloves with sweet ride, chef-prepared dinners daily and most importantly a never-ending wardrobe allowance! I hope that arrives with the year of the Wooden Horse. Ever the Dubai Office, Steven clearly takes on the challenge to do the impossible, so I have figured out that the chances of his working schedule changing are about as great as me becoming a International Pop Star. Most of the year and the money was spent on our new life, new home and business in Dubai. Focused on what we will gain instead of what we will lose, blindly trusting the cost-of-living calculator. Maybe we considered moving to Dubai to be closer to friends and family or to start a family ourselves and just maybe, the real reason will stay untold. When I made this decision of relocating I had to think almost exclusively about what we will gain by going to the new city, but psychologically I was affected much more by what I was about to lose. However my scale of life values decided about my priorities, so I packed up all my things, grabbed our four cats (I wish it was as easy done as said) and headed to another country. Yet, again.

I found coming to Dubai one of my hardest transitions. Thinking about what I was actually willing to give up for untold reason. I knew it was going to be hard. But I decided to ignore it and go ahead with the choice anyway. I have learnt that each relocation is really about giving up stuff, but giving up a dream?

We finally relocated for good in June.

Char Sui Noodle Soup got replaced with hummus and bread. Streets full of people, are now replaced by emptiness. Short skirts with full lengths. Typhoons by Sandstorms. Walking doesn’t exist here. Calls don’t get returned, emails don’t get replies. You feel as thought you are spending your days stuck or running around but not getting nowhere. You try your best to rise above it and get through with some of your sense of humor left. Then pizzas, kebabs, McDonalds help. I get my quick fix with junk food thinking tomorrow will be better. On top of that I reached my 30’s without knowing how to age gracefully. I would like to think I still have some time to find out ..

The year wasn’t all too bad but it definitely was a hard and a stressful one. With Snake in charge, probably me trying to make a career change, was not a good idea either. Im just glad the Horse is coming. I can Pick myself up and dust myself off from last year’s fights with the Snake.

Now out with the old and in with the new 

My List of Goals For 2014:Image

What are your goals? Will you Hire a personal trainer? Join a dance class? Or get back into that childhood sport you loved so much? I wish you all a Lucky Year of the Wooden Horse and Instant success when the horse arrives! Kung Hei Fat Choi!


2 thoughts on “This year I’m looking for a Horse-Shoe

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