A Code of Living

Have you got a code you live by? I have always been living by codes. I have even created codes within the codes, which uniquely represents set of values, I actively live by, apply and practise. Here are some codes of mine.

I love life – I am life, I am love
Because everything is only beautiful, when you love it. Love in action only produces happiness. Love will give you inner peace. It will change everything. Seek beauty everywhere and in everyone.

Power of my word
Speak with love. Don’t use your word to speak against yourself. Use the power of your word in the direction of love. Read my Change the word to change your world post.

Live one day at a time
Keep your attention on today and stay in the present moment. Enjoy now. If you don’t enjoy what is happening right now, you will always wish it to be different than it is. Not enjoying what is happening right now is being only half alive. Also Right now is the youngest you will ever get, make the most of it. Use your time.

Make time for self reflection
Have ‘you’ time. Separate your body and mind from you. Just be yourself. Soul searching and self examination that goes along with this one.

Do not judge
Never judge. Never criticise. Not yourself not others. Simply meet people where they are and as they are.

I would also love to share the tools shared by Miguel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. The book reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Whenever you hear or read anything of a spiritual nature, that moves you or touches your soul, you are not learning something .. You are remembering what you have always known. It is a gentle awakening. Do you wonder what those Four Agreements are?

1. Be impeccable with your word – powerful gift we have and we use it against ourselves.
2. Don’t take anything personally – Nothing others do is because of you.
3. Don’t make assumptions – Communicate with others clearly.
4. Always Do Your Best – Simply do your best and you will avoid self-judgment and regret.

In response to Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line 

Where are my Sundays ?

career-girls-sidebarI was taken by surprise by some customs in Dubai (read here) and one of them is Dubai’s working week. The first thing you need to know about working in Dubai is that the working week starts Sunday and ends with Thursday. I still can’t get my head around it. I feel like I am missing out on ‘Happy Fridays’ and totally skipping ‘Chill out Sundays’. On thursdays I forget to feel like it’s the end of the working week and on saturdays I forget to feel like is the end of the weekend. Every Sunday I wake up on my alarm clock feeling robbed of my weekend. Robbed of easy like sunday’s mornings.

Here is how it feels like to get robbed; I drag myself to work when everyone else is having breakfast in bed. I get into my office when everyone else is eating, drinking and doing all the things that go down on Sunday Fun-day. I am thinking of new ways how to expand our business, when everyone else is making crazy decisions or shopping, they will regret on Monday. I email to my clients, when everyone else is calling me and texting me some friday’s gossip. Sunday is day of rest. It’s Lazy Sunday. Chill-out Sunday. Pyjamas all day. I miss Sundays in bed. I clearly need a day between saturday and sunday.

Born to Be With You

Not soul-mates or best friends. No compatibility or similarity. No spirituality. Nothing in common. They do not share the same background, beliefs or opinions. Both have different values in life. Just two people really wanting to be together. They found something raw and wild in their connection, to run with it. She, in a search for his soul.   Him, in a quest for her strength.

Teaching, inspiring and pushing each other, they decided on forever.


My husband texts and drives ..

.. while I am the passenger in next seat to him, yes in ‘the death seat’. Anyone’s husband here does that too? He also drives fast. Everyone does in Dubai, superheroes in their supercars racing.

‘Ping!’ New email, he slides to unlock to read his email, while coming off the roundabout. I wonder what happened, when did we get this far in our relationship? I mean we haven’t been married that long!

I know I was hypnotised by  the diamond at the time, but I clearly remember him saying ‘I can’t live my life without you’ like a scared little boy standing on the Brooklyn bridge with the perfect backdrop of New York, almost falling apart right in front of me ‘you are everything to me’ shaking uncontrollably, swallowing his words, me thinking; Stop gibbering, what are you saying, what do you mean, where is this going, why you acting weird? He continues ‘you are my only family’ whats going on, oh my god no no no not now, I’m not ready for this, I mean my hair, my makeup, my dress, I started to get aware of people gathering around us, I can hardly understand his words staring into his face trying to read, thinking what is going on? he kneels down ‘I love you’ oh baby stop shivering please, are you proposing to me? I don’t understand a word you saying .. Oh My! Look at that Diaaaammoooond!

Will you merry me? a moment to remember, I smile. See it here. 

Smiling, back in the car ‘please stop texting or stop the car and I will walk’ My husband assumes that he can handle texting or emailing while driving and still says that he can’t imagine his life without me. He quickly recognises my serious tone in my voice and puts the phone down. I look outside in different cars and noticed many drivers preoccupied with their cellphone. I see texting and driving is a growing trend, but it is not safe, statistics don’t lie. Do also drivers assume they can handle killing someone? No text, no email, no update is worth a human life.

I have never seen a woman behind a wheel texting or emailing, while driving. Yeah maybe, singing, applying lipgloss or mascara, only after stopping at red light, of course. When you look at the females drivers, they mostly are sitting up straight with their gaze glued to the road ahead, fully concentrating. Women are more careful drivers, we take extra second to check the road twice before we move, or just wait when there is nothing to wait for. Yes, women have more accidents, but only as little as bumps and scratches, but men are more dangerous drivers. Men have too much testosterone on the pedal, as they always think they are racing. Women are just looking to get from A to B. Life is not about what you drive, but how you drive.

Clearly, I have the solution on how to effectively deal with this problem, since the ban on all drivers from using cellphones for any purpose when behind the wheel doesn’t work. We need to ban all male drivers, this is a real issue that, unfortunately, needs to be addressed. Image

Also we are much prettier drivers.

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender

Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome?

First I typed ‘Imposter Syndrome’ into google and started reading this page from Wikipedia. We all know why we should never ever google our symptoms when we are sick. We get more anxious and often diagnose ourselves with a serious disease, then we totally freak out about the false belief. Oh Sooo human! So naturally I have just find out I suffer Imposter Syndrome! Huh? I think. Occasionally. Now, say it, you think I have hypochondria.

I guess suffering from our mindset is a part of human life. The mindset depends on what happens to us and around us. This is the external circumstances of life that form our mind. How do we respond to external suffering is what happens inside. We get hurt. We get criticized. Our mind starts to fear, doubt and question our own worth. This infected mind convince our heart that we do not deserve success we’ve achieved. No one wants to suffer, but anyone can suffer from Imposter syndrome sometimes, somewhere, somehow.

To all of you out there suffering Imposter Syndrome and to many high-achieving females, who believe they are not intelligent:

You are more than good enough and you get better every day. Give up the right to criticise yourself. Praise yourself. See the perfection in all your genius. Approve of who you are. Don’t judge yourself. You are both good and great at all times.


Joint account – For love or money ?

You are both contributing and it doesn’t matter that you contribute less and your husband much more, because you both giving yours all you have. In marriage, we do not look at math calculations between her withdraws from the account and his deposit to it, because that is how love works. And love is all we need.


Not the Homecoming Kind


‘When are you coming home?’ hearing voice of my mum over the phone ‘When are you going to settle somewhere?’ Every-time. Same questions get answered by the very same silence. My stomach turns upside down and I swallow the truth.

Living in different places, made me flexible more adaptable and emotionally so much stronger. My life has been a constant change. Change of places, cities, countries, continents, friends, apartments and houses. Just when I think I settled somewhere, made it home, created my own circle of friends, gained a social status or work recognition. I get this urge to go. I don’t know where my home is. I like it everywhere. I don’t feel tied to one place. I live on planet Earth and that is how much I can pint point where I feel at home. I believe, I am not meant to live in one place. There is only as much as you can learn in one place. And not change is easy, so is not moving countries. Every time you move, you start form zero. Right from the bottom. Again. Every place has it’s own unique heartbeat. It’s own way of how things get done. Shortcuts. Hidden gems and secrets. Hot spots. Smell. Etiquette. Different mix of people. Culture. Pulse. Rhythm. All to learn, respect, adapt and accept. Even if you know couple of people, you have no social status, no recognition. So why do I do it? I guess I love ‘new’ and dislike ‘easy’. When things get easy and comfortable I get bored. When a place has nothing to offer me anymore. Doesn’t teach or no longer surprises me, I feel I’m done. The time passes and I have to move. I just know deep down in my soul I have to go. My mum may not fully understand the good in this unsettled, changeful, temperamental, unpredictable moving yet, but I do believe it is there.

Or at least – It is who I am.