Pallet of Colourful Emotions

You welcomed me to the world of colours, where I have find the perfect colours combination of true love. Every new colour, every new shade, created new pallet of emotions that I haven’t felt before. You are the painter of my life. You coloured me happy. Made me laugh and dance thru pinks, wild rose reds experiencing real joy and happiness. Our admiration for each other grew stronger thru old olive greens and shades of river rock every day, we build trust. You have planted anticipation inside of me so strong and rich shining gold, that keeps me looking forward to our days ahead.

You showered me with unexpected tempting dreamy turquoise blues of many breathtaking surprises. You covered me with royal blue blanket and kept me warm, blanket of hope. Admiring you more and more, my heart learning and understanding that you are so important solid perfect plum purple to me – respect. Discovering who we are, where we came from, where we going to, we shaped our love and colour it in bright pastels. The quality of knowing you very well, that feeling of a special closeness that exists between me and you so light, very vanilla.

You protected me and led me thru wild wasabi green jungle, I know I am safe with you. We traveled with saffron delight sunrises and sat by pumpkin pie to more mustard sunsets. You kissed me real red and turned my cheeks cherry breeze. You smiled at me with your pacific blue eyes and cuddled me so chocolate soft. In your arms I have enough, I have it all, not wanting more or less, just being thankful for feeling so garden green content.

And Oh so crazy melon mambo, tangerine tango, sweet raspberries in love!


4 thoughts on “Pallet of Colourful Emotions

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