Monday in Bed

And this is not a “oh lucky me” post. I’m actually not feeling well, I have been attacted by some virus, feeling weak and run down. My loving husband decides to stay with me at home to look after me. I’m not spoiled, my husband just loves me and cares for me so much. Awwww ok now this is “oh lucky me” post .. you would think.

But that actually means I make him poached eggs for breakfast with tea, feed the cats, load the dishwasher, wipe the kitchen, put washing on, while heavy breathing and looking colourless like I’m about to die. He goes to pharmacy to fetch me some medicine for my sore throat.
I woke up this morning thinking I am sick. It looks like I will be sleeping and laying in bed all day. Oh wait, but I am a wife with husband and four cats – let me introduce you. So I do everything around the house that needs to be done until I make myself sick as dog then go to bed to have a rest.

And thats okay because that is how love works. My ultimate sore throat remedy.


2 thoughts on “Monday in Bed

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