Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender

Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome?

First I typed ‘Imposter Syndrome’ into google and started reading this page from Wikipedia. We all know why we should never ever google our symptoms when we are sick. We get more anxious and often diagnose ourselves with a serious disease, then we totally freak out about the false belief. Oh Sooo human! So naturally I have just find out I suffer Imposter Syndrome! Huh? I think. Occasionally. Now, say it, you think I have hypochondria.

I guess suffering from our mindset is a part of human life. The mindset depends on what happens to us and around us. This is the external circumstances of life that form our mind. How do we respond to external suffering is what happens inside. We get hurt. We get criticized. Our mind starts to fear, doubt and question our own worth. This infected mind convince our heart that we do not deserve success we’ve achieved. No one wants to suffer, but anyone can suffer from Imposter syndrome sometimes, somewhere, somehow.

To all of you out there suffering Imposter Syndrome and to many high-achieving females, who believe they are not intelligent:

You are more than good enough and you get better every day. Give up the right to criticise yourself. Praise yourself. See the perfection in all your genius. Approve of who you are. Don’t judge yourself. You are both good and great at all times.


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