The History I don’t Know

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Do tell!bored

My stomach turns upside down just thinking about it! History was hard.

Even tho, I do have a great memory and easily remember stories and names. I cannot remember numbers, dates and years. Also my brain would only remember nice stories, those stories that touch me, stories with deeper emotional meaning, not political. Not wars, conflicts, revolutions and battles. That is all just a violence and crime to me! People suffering and fighting all the time, lesson by lesson.         What a nightmare!

I was getting tired and bored in history classes. I found my teacher uninspiring and that affected my learning. All I did in history classes was daydreaming, which helped me to escape the stress reality of humankind history. Sometimes I would just simply stare at those pictures shown by my teacher, thinking of those pretty clothes, hairstyles and jewellery people used to wear. Sometimes, I would just try very hard to stay awake.

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Read the Life Confusions’s funniest post you can find here.

16 thoughts on “The History I don’t Know

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  11. Aah we didn’t have history as a subject but we had Social and Pakistan Studies which I absolutely hated. Remembering dates and numbers is not my thing :/ I feel ya !
    P.S Thank you for the kind mention. I’m glad you liked my post enough to mention it here 🙂
    Love, Zee 🙂


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