Responding to a thought that excites my soul

I would be a dancer. I would dance some kind of dramatic dance, that requires grace, fluidity, harmony and flexibility of body as well as performing an act on stage, expressing full range of human emotions. I would produce movements that are emotionally charged, realising my energy into the character I play. Maybe Ballet or Fosse, I feel most probably I would be a (chuckle) hmmm a .. Burlesque dancer.

You might just gasp in surprise or not at all, depends on what your idea of barlesque is and that’s fine. Barlesque to me is the most artful way of using your body, motion and gestures to express emotions and tell a story. Especially powerful feelings of love, sexuality and flirt. Burlesque combines the art of make up, acting skills with fashions of era I adore and a physical beauty of women’s body. Burlesque does not equal stripping in my vision – I would like to think that I would be a burlesque dancer, removing no more than a glove, robe or a stocking. I would dance purely for self-expression and physical release, without a thought of fame. Yes, half naked in little vintage lingerie seducing everyone in the room, feeling powerful by my own feminity, embracing my body as my adventures spirit meets my true passion in every move. Face to face with my feelings so raw in my dance.


In response to Daily Prompt: When will I be loved? 

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