Something about Tonkadella

Born on Friday. Just in time for the weekend. 
Face I have trained one of my cats  to roll on the floor on command. In love with a completely unsuitable guy, who is my husband. Living in one country for some time drives me crazy. No one said life was easy, but I say it is simple. I am a woman with creative heart and big dreams. Busy jetting around the world. 
I get things done thru power of my emotional commitment. I only get inspired by my own feelings, then I work aggressively to acomplish my goals. I deeply relate to the emotions of others. I depend on emotional balance and I am overly sensitive and moody. I write about all things in life. TTL
Read trough the interview from Calypso and meet Tonka :
15 questions from Calypso, 15 answers from Tonka

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