Are You Fashion Forward Ready?

FFWD is the only Fashion kind I know of, that never arrives fashionably late. Yes, the time has come to talk fashion, I know, we have never actually stopped talking about fashion. But for the 3rd time we can talk fashion while taking high tea with designers and buyers in the Fashion Café.

Are you going forward for the FFWD 3rd edition?

Do you have your best outfits ready for the 3 day event, full of catwalk presentations, inspiring talks and panel discussions as well as the parties? Do you have your act together so striking or impressive to turn heads during fashion shows? Well, get ready, because we are all proud of being a part of FFWD from the very begging and following two extremely successful seasons, the creators behind Dubai’s most amazing fashion event, will bring you oh-so-much-more extravaganza in SEASON THREE.

So while you sitting there with your hair rollers in and your nails drying, see everything you need to know about Fashion Forward, check the schedule for all the events not to be missed in FFWD’s 3rd edition! I bet, you don’t want to miss out on chatting to British fashion model and style icon Alexa Chung, during a question and answer session entitled In Conversation With Alexa Chung. See, I told you so, now, hurry up and register for a chance to attend Alexa’s talk!

For all information on schedule, registration, talks and designers visit  20140227_Fashion-Forward-2014

Register, get your tickets, dress to impress, hang your best designer bag over your shoulder and indulge in everything fashion for 3 days in FFWD season three at The Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai from April 10-13

Where are my Sundays ?

career-girls-sidebarI was taken by surprise by some customs in Dubai (read here) and one of them is Dubai’s working week. The first thing you need to know about working in Dubai is that the working week starts Sunday and ends with Thursday. I still can’t get my head around it. I feel like I am missing out on ‘Happy Fridays’ and totally skipping ‘Chill out Sundays’. On thursdays I forget to feel like it’s the end of the working week and on saturdays I forget to feel like is the end of the weekend. Every Sunday I wake up on my alarm clock feeling robbed of my weekend. Robbed of easy like sunday’s mornings.

Here is how it feels like to get robbed; I drag myself to work when everyone else is having breakfast in bed. I get into my office when everyone else is eating, drinking and doing all the things that go down on Sunday Fun-day. I am thinking of new ways how to expand our business, when everyone else is making crazy decisions or shopping, they will regret on Monday. I email to my clients, when everyone else is calling me and texting me some friday’s gossip. Sunday is day of rest. It’s Lazy Sunday. Chill-out Sunday. Pyjamas all day. I miss Sundays in bed. I clearly need a day between saturday and sunday.

My husband texts and drives ..

.. while I am the passenger in next seat to him, yes in ‘the death seat’. Anyone’s husband here does that too? He also drives fast. Everyone does in Dubai, superheroes in their supercars racing.

‘Ping!’ New email, he slides to unlock to read his email, while coming off the roundabout. I wonder what happened, when did we get this far in our relationship? I mean we haven’t been married that long!

I know I was hypnotised by  the diamond at the time, but I clearly remember him saying ‘I can’t live my life without you’ like a scared little boy standing on the Brooklyn bridge with the perfect backdrop of New York, almost falling apart right in front of me ‘you are everything to me’ shaking uncontrollably, swallowing his words, me thinking; Stop gibbering, what are you saying, what do you mean, where is this going, why you acting weird? He continues ‘you are my only family’ whats going on, oh my god no no no not now, I’m not ready for this, I mean my hair, my makeup, my dress, I started to get aware of people gathering around us, I can hardly understand his words staring into his face trying to read, thinking what is going on? he kneels down ‘I love you’ oh baby stop shivering please, are you proposing to me? I don’t understand a word you saying .. Oh My! Look at that Diaaaammoooond!

Will you merry me? a moment to remember, I smile. See it here. 

Smiling, back in the car ‘please stop texting or stop the car and I will walk’ My husband assumes that he can handle texting or emailing while driving and still says that he can’t imagine his life without me. He quickly recognises my serious tone in my voice and puts the phone down. I look outside in different cars and noticed many drivers preoccupied with their cellphone. I see texting and driving is a growing trend, but it is not safe, statistics don’t lie. Do also drivers assume they can handle killing someone? No text, no email, no update is worth a human life.

I have never seen a woman behind a wheel texting or emailing, while driving. Yeah maybe, singing, applying lipgloss or mascara, only after stopping at red light, of course. When you look at the females drivers, they mostly are sitting up straight with their gaze glued to the road ahead, fully concentrating. Women are more careful drivers, we take extra second to check the road twice before we move, or just wait when there is nothing to wait for. Yes, women have more accidents, but only as little as bumps and scratches, but men are more dangerous drivers. Men have too much testosterone on the pedal, as they always think they are racing. Women are just looking to get from A to B. Life is not about what you drive, but how you drive.

Clearly, I have the solution on how to effectively deal with this problem, since the ban on all drivers from using cellphones for any purpose when behind the wheel doesn’t work. We need to ban all male drivers, this is a real issue that, unfortunately, needs to be addressed. Image

Also we are much prettier drivers.

Change your word to change your world

I got lost. I turn into a person who’s the opposite of who I normally am. Or that’s just my Dark-side of me, I didn’t know I had and now, I will share it with you all. I have criticised a place, I have blamed others, I gave an opinion with all the bad energy of my word behind it. I said you were fake, empty and lifeless. And you have accepted my opinion and gave me exactly that. But I know only hurt people hurt and I hurt you, because I was hurting inside. I was tired, stressed and full of emotional pain caused by a disappointment and change. I wanted it to be easy and painless transition. But it wasn’t easy and I have become a destroyer of everything around me with my harsh words.
All my life I used my words to create the most beautiful dream, that I was living. I shared love, I spoke love, I saw beauty everywhere. So when have I enslaved myself to negative thoughts? Did my emotional state turn me against myself? Feeding myself with my own poison, living in the past and blind to the truth. My own words slowly building the walls of hate closing on me, I’m suffocating, I can barely breathe.
The truth was, it was me who was fake, empty and lifeless. I insulted you and you insulted me back. I was selfish with you, you were selfish with me. Missing my dream of the past so much, that I am unable to see and enjoy the dream that was happening for me right now.

ImageI know If I love you, then you will love me back.

If I look up to you, you will look up to me.

If I accept you, you will accept me.

Morning cup of thoughts

In the car this A.M. me and my husband, it is lovely sunny morning and we are on our way to work. I glance at the clock on the radio, actually only at the minutes digits and realize we are good with the time and could use those spare minutes to go grab a coffee before we get into the office. I mean, life doesn’t get better then having Starbucks grande late before you start the day. My husband tells me we already pass it and its too far behind us. So I quickly remembered my friend told me very recently, there is a new Starbucks in JLT – the area where our office is located but on the other side, in cluster Y. My husband turns the car around in a quest for Starbucks.

We arrive at cluster Y and drive around looking for signs of Starbucks, but it doesn’t seem like there is one here, so we stop and ask the car-park employee ‘Good morning, excuse me do you know where is the Starbucks around here? He looks at me ‘Star .. ?’ I say loud and clear ‘Starbucks please’ He shakes his head of not understanding or more likely of not knowing what exactly am I asking for, like he had never heard of Starbucks. So we move on to some two shop employees standing outside, interrupting they conservation ‘Sorry guys do you know where Starbucks is?’ I smile. They both pause and stare at me ‘Star What?’ At this point I think; is it me or these people just walked out of a cave? I repeat ‘Starbucks please’ They gaze at each-other ‘Star.. Whaaaaat ?’ both confused by my out of this world question, scanning the surroundings for some clue or something.

Maybe for an escape. I definitely need a coffee now, it will not fix these people but at least it will wake me up, because this just cannot be real!

My Coffeeology.


Where is My Post?

Did you know that you have the only luxury that cost nothing in door to door postal service? I bet you didn’t! Well, let me tell you, because I want you to really appreciate it. So now, please stop singing about Post Code Envy (Lorde!), because there are different luxuries that people have and don’t know about it. And for those of you who do not know what “Post Code Envy” means; it means to resident in a more established or elite area. For example you can have postcode envy for Beverly hills in California known by one of its zip codes 90210, or Manhattan area in New York City or London’s postcode SW3, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, St. John’s Wood, Kensington and Chelsea for example. Hong Kong has many exclusive areas also, you could have post code envy for residencies in Repulse Bay, in the Peak or Stanley. In Dubai it could be the Meadows or the Springs I guess. Yeah, yeah, yeah you get it now.
But this is not about the most priciest areas or postcodes, because in Dubai no matter where you live you cannot receive your post the way we know it. And this is how I developed my PSE “Postal Service Envy”
We are all used to a door to door postal service in any other countries. Living in Dubai now and not getting any of my post, my orders, parcels, birthday cards I have done lots of tracking down of my missing post. Just to find out that everything that was ever sent to me was returned to its sender. I quickly realised how special receiving post at your home address is. Unless it is sent by courier companies, only courier with important mail that needs to be tracked can deliver at your residential address, here in Dubai. Door to door postal service does not exist in the UAE. Instead people have to pay for a PO Box system here. Basically I have to rent my own personal P.O Box in my local post office, in order to receive my post. And by “local” we talking at least 20 minutes drive, that is, if you find it of course.  I Take all documents required and the required fees to the post office and get the keys to my box right away, aaaah so happy!
The Key to my Box! The key means so much to me, I feel relived. I am a great online shopper and buy everything from clothes to accessories to shoes to cosmetics to hair products to art all online. Honestly, it feels like receiving gifts. Yes it is a self gifting, my favourite, as I always get exactly what I want! The rental charges for having a box in the post office are shocking, forget the shipping or the actual price of your purchase. Paying for a place so you can actually receive your post and still need to come in opening hours to pick it up yourself, is just a another level of unreasonable expense in Dubai. With this very new system to me, where I don’t get deliveries and surprises at my doorstep anymore I have to plan my trips to the post office. Its kind of like if the christmas doesn’t come to you, you go to get your christmas. Yes the trips to the post office became my new activity of excitement.
So from now on, when you see a post man at your doors, remember what a luxury and privilige you have of receiving your post, as I envy you!

This year I’m looking for a Horse-Shoe

Another year has past (Year of the Snake) a year that has been action packed and pretty rough. Looking back, I wonder now if my guardian angel took a year off and went for a vacation or wherever it is that guardian angels go when they aren’t answering my prayers. For us the year 2013 was all about relocating from Hong Kong to Dubai, opening our new office and settling into our new home for more “kinda-grownups” life. Whatever that means.

Steven, my husband has spent the year redefining the phrase of “working hard” expanding the company. Fifteen-hour days have become the norm for Steve and every once in a while, he took a weekend off. He spent most of the first 6 months in Dubai and if I wasn’t with him I have stayed in Hong Kong most of the time alone and didn’t even border to put his suitcase away. When in Hong Kong I assisted to our business registration for UAE by running around visiting lawyers, embassies and foreigner affaire offices, getting all documents requested by Dubai, daily. All of that effort, time, money spent, sacrifice and energy!

I’m still waiting for the big payoff that will land me in a huge palace and a driver in uniform and white gloves with sweet ride, chef-prepared dinners daily and most importantly a never-ending wardrobe allowance! I hope that arrives with the year of the Wooden Horse. Ever the Dubai Office, Steven clearly takes on the challenge to do the impossible, so I have figured out that the chances of his working schedule changing are about as great as me becoming a International Pop Star. Most of the year and the money was spent on our new life, new home and business in Dubai. Focused on what we will gain instead of what we will lose, blindly trusting the cost-of-living calculator. Maybe we considered moving to Dubai to be closer to friends and family or to start a family ourselves and just maybe, the real reason will stay untold. When I made this decision of relocating I had to think almost exclusively about what we will gain by going to the new city, but psychologically I was affected much more by what I was about to lose. However my scale of life values decided about my priorities, so I packed up all my things, grabbed our four cats (I wish it was as easy done as said) and headed to another country. Yet, again.

I found coming to Dubai one of my hardest transitions. Thinking about what I was actually willing to give up for untold reason. I knew it was going to be hard. But I decided to ignore it and go ahead with the choice anyway. I have learnt that each relocation is really about giving up stuff, but giving up a dream?

We finally relocated for good in June.

Char Sui Noodle Soup got replaced with hummus and bread. Streets full of people, are now replaced by emptiness. Short skirts with full lengths. Typhoons by Sandstorms. Walking doesn’t exist here. Calls don’t get returned, emails don’t get replies. You feel as thought you are spending your days stuck or running around but not getting nowhere. You try your best to rise above it and get through with some of your sense of humor left. Then pizzas, kebabs, McDonalds help. I get my quick fix with junk food thinking tomorrow will be better. On top of that I reached my 30’s without knowing how to age gracefully. I would like to think I still have some time to find out ..

The year wasn’t all too bad but it definitely was a hard and a stressful one. With Snake in charge, probably me trying to make a career change, was not a good idea either. Im just glad the Horse is coming. I can Pick myself up and dust myself off from last year’s fights with the Snake.

Now out with the old and in with the new 

My List of Goals For 2014:Image

What are your goals? Will you Hire a personal trainer? Join a dance class? Or get back into that childhood sport you loved so much? I wish you all a Lucky Year of the Wooden Horse and Instant success when the horse arrives! Kung Hei Fat Choi!