Gift of Yoga

Sitting in Lotus. Crossed leg with my feet resting on top of my thighs. My hair up in perfect Doughnut-Shape Bun like a Ballerina. I don’t do ponytail – I’m more Serious Yoga Believer!

And I’m not saying that Girls with ponytails are not. I mean different things to different people and thats okay. But Bun works for Me. Ponytail makes me feel playful and a strict bun gives me feel of self-discipine.

Sitting on the floor, my knees touching the ground, straight back. My eyes Closed. Trying to Empty my mind from all my thoughts, observing my breath .. Now, this is the place I want to be – on my Yoga Mat.

How does it feel, where do I go? I separate myself from my body, my mind and just be with me, my inner self. And there, I am surrounded by the sea at the sunset, my hair letdown and freely flowing with the sea breeze. I inhale the fresh air and listen to my own breath.

Woman in yoga lotus  meditation at seaside

My daily life in Yoga Poses – The Eagle Headstand Butterfly You Are Powerful 

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