Poetry by rupi kaur




A collection of poetry about survival, experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity.

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attention seeker

his hands 
touching someone else, 
his face 
more open 
and direct
full of enjoyment
eyes shining
enjoyment smile
loud laugh
just like a kid
in the school-yard
it's him
my husband .. 
trying so hard. 

-by tonkadella
on attention seeking behaviour in adults

your words

many times
I kept silent
again and again
I let the conversation to 
evaporate .. 
But your words
never left me
those hash words
to incubate 
to do the work
like some parasites 
who feed on its host
they stay 
to incubate 
Once grown
they release powerful 
mind-controlling chemicals
and change their host.
- by tonkadella

separated heartbeats

our hearts are so distant now.
they can’t hear the beat,
they too far.
sound of the Heartbeat, 
they used to beat 
The distance grows
the Heart gripped by fear.
Fear of losing that 
familiar beat.
the heartbeat,
that is home.
losing home .. 
The heart 
must find a way
to communicate!
and so .. 

it Shouts.

- by tonkadella

Too loud

Words have no value in this harsh exchange.
Too loud.
Hurt talks.
Like a wild burning fire fueling itself.
Feeding itself.
Watering itself.
Loud noise.
Two puppets of Pain
in this game.
But if this is the only way .. okay,
Do it again 
and again.
Too loud.
If this is the way
You can deal
then be it the way.

Exhaust me.
- by tonkadella 
Emotional Exhaustion Can Lead to Noise Sensitivity

18 august 2016

From my Drafts .. a prayer

Today is our wedding anniversary. Please forgive us. Please forgive us, for we do not know what we do. Please forgive us. Forgive us the selfishness. Our blindness. For this life. For the way. Please forgive us the anger. Please forgive us the fear. Please forgive us the madness. Forgive us the blindness. The hurt. Please forgive us the pain. Please forgive us the wedding. Please forgive us the act. Please forgive us the lies. Please forgive us the illusion. Please forgive us the need. Please forgive us the choice. Please forgive us the acceptance. The painful tolerance. Forgive us the forgiveness. Forgive us trying so hard. Forgive us not giving up. Forgive our madness. Forgive the pain we hosted. Pain we caused. Forgive our expectations. Forgive our disappointments. Forgive us for disappointing. Forgive us for hiding the sadness. Forgive the disrespect. Forgive us for disrespecting. Forgive those harsh words. Please forgive all that was said. Forgive the unsaid. Forgive us the blame. The attacks. Forgive the misunderstanding. Forgive us the emptiness. Forgive our thoughts. Forgive are minds. Forgive our wounded hearts. Our voices. Please Forgive us. Forgive us the dream. Please forgive us the plan. Forgive us the goal. Please forgive us the show. For what we were just two lost hurting souls.