Becoming Supernatural

I have been following Dr Joe Dispenza for really long time, mostly listening to his talks, interviews, teachings and conferences. I have been fascinated by everything he says as I felt it all aligns with what I know is the truth. His way of breaking down, explaining and translating the strong connection between the mind and our physiology is just a precious gift. Because he is also a brain scientist, I hesitated buying one of his books for long time, unsure of what I was about to explore in his books and to my pleasant surprise what this book offers is just beyond my expectations. I realised having one of his books greatly assists in deeper understanding of his teachings. I appreciate such a focus on the detail, his easy to understand style and his tireless Repetition to make these ideas clearer and more memorable, pushing you to your own healing, freedom and to your potential for greatness.

Becoming Supernatural 


My Awkward Age

I have reached this awkward age, truthfully I haven’t actually been reaching for it, I haven’t even dream about turning 30. My friend told me “don’t worry about hitting 30, is nothing” so I didn’t. Phew! I stayed calm, beyond reach and happy. Until the big day came and I quickly realized, I’m not hitting 30 at all! The 30 is hitting me! Hitting me hard, not only, it slapped me, smacked me, punched me and knocked me out! Left a mark and affected me badly. Can you see how I play drama? It’s true, I’m telling you as it really is. I only then realized that the time passes – for ME too. Ouch, I still can’t believe it. I’m not saying I’m getting old, oh please I’m definitely not reaching for that one.

When my big 30 moved forward at me (in slow motion: it tiptoed over to me undetectably and without any emotion, punched me right in my face) I suddenly became fully aware of the fact that, perhaps I’m not as young and beautiful as I was from my own point of view. Maybe my silly oh sooo human mind, just got mean to me, maybe resisting ageing, my mind mistreated me and gave me some good beating. And it worked!

My mind created a very negative relationship with myself. With all of us! Me, myself, my body, my face and I. Together completely lost on the other side – in my thirties. But hey hold on, I don’t know how to do 30! I felt like I was kicked out of Disneyland, knocking on the door hopelessly in the heat of the night, pleaseeee take me back! Self pity, suffering and tears. Dramatic? I agree. Real story tho!

I rejected myself for being 30. This dissatisfying relationship with myself, started slowly reflecting in my relationship with others. I changed. Of course. I was different. I wasn’t aware that I have fallen. I have fallen because in my mind I wasn’t beautiful anymore. It was nothing but my self importance, illusion and false belief that brought me to that fall.

But If I didn’t love myself, how much love could I have to give and share at that point? You do the math. When I became aware of my negative mind and my own fall, I went back to myself, because I know everything I need, I already have. I would like to think that I still have time to practice how to deal with my new unwanted badge and figure out how to age gracefully. I mean I need to get better at this, surely!

ImageHaunted by Charles Hildreth photographer from Denver see his beautiful Gallery here

The Eagle Pose

I bend my knees slightly, lift my left foot up and cross it thigh over the right. Point my left toes toward the floor, then hook the top of the foot behind the lower right calf. Now I balance on the right foot. Cross my arms so the right arm is above the left and then bend my elbow. I wind them around each other and press palms together. Now standing and balancing in


Easy, I can do this! I am now the king of the birds! I feel strength & focus in my eagle spirit. I have turned into an Eagle, Rising above the all material to see the spiritual. Just When My master says ‘Now come out of your pose and change the cross of the Legs’ I relax and mentally prepare myself for changing my legs. I start very slowly because I don’t trust my left foot. While I’m just slowly bending my knee – I notice the whole studio room is full of perfect still eagles balancing on left foot like they were all eagle egg hatched! I panic. That’s where my head gets full of thoughts and I start talking to myself in my head:

‘Oh Great! You just lost your focus! Come on! You can do this! Concentrate; do not compare yourself to those other Birds! Take a deep inhale –  focus – You standing now – exhale – keep it Balanced .. Ok, ok .. let me do this, just stop talking to me please!’ 

I’m now Balancing on my left foot I cross my arms in reversed order, then… Expected happened: my Left foot let me down and I flew my Eagle with all its ability to see hidden spiritual truths right out of my pose. Well, I may not have Eagle qualities, but the good news is strong Eagles aren’t born, they’re made. And with Eagle’s determination I keep practicing to become a better Eagle.

This is a lesson learnt from skilled and fearless Eagle:  Work smarter, not harder.

yoga-pose-eagle-pose-4273-1Eagle Pose Benefits
  • Strengthens and stretches the ankles and calves
  • Stretches the thighs, hips, shoulders, and upper back
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves sense of balance