too many times

too many times
I kept silent
and again
I let the conversation to 
evaporated .. 
But your words
to do the work
like some parasites 
who feed on its host
Once grown
they release powerful mind-controlling 

and change their host. 
- by tonkadella

Too loud

Words have no value in this harsh exchange.
Too loud.
Hurt talks.
Like a wild burning fire fueling itself.
Feeding itself.
Watering itself.
Loud noise.
Two puppets of Pain
in this game.
But if this is the only way .. okay,
Do it again 
and again.
Too loud.
If this is the way
You can deal
then be it the way.

Exhaust me.
- by tonkadella 
Emotional Exhaustion Can Lead to Noise Sensitivity