Change your word to change your world

I got lost. I turn into a person who’s the opposite of who I normally am. Or that’s just my Dark-side of me, I didn’t know I had and now, I will share it with you all. I have criticised a place, I have blamed others, I gave an opinion with all the bad energy of my word behind it. I said you were fake, empty and lifeless. And you have accepted my opinion and gave me exactly that. But I know only hurt people hurt and I hurt you, because I was hurting inside. I was tired, stressed and full of emotional pain caused by a disappointment and change. I wanted it to be easy and painless transition. But it wasn’t easy and I have become a destroyer of everything around me with my harsh words.
All my life I used my words to create the most beautiful dream, that I was living. I shared love, I spoke love, I saw beauty everywhere. So when have I enslaved myself to negative thoughts? Did my emotional state turn me against myself? Feeding myself with my own poison, living in the past and blind to the truth. My own words slowly building the walls of hate closing on me, I’m suffocating, I can barely breathe.
The truth was, it was me who was fake, empty and lifeless. I insulted you and you insulted me back. I was selfish with you, you were selfish with me. Missing my dream of the past so much, that I am unable to see and enjoy the dream that was happening for me right now.

ImageI know If I love you, then you will love me back.

If I look up to you, you will look up to me.

If I accept you, you will accept me.

See your Happiness

starsI want to tell you something, something you already know, but often forget. I tell you where your happiness is. Where do I begin to tell you a simple truth about happiness. Where do I start?

Just Like the night Sky you look at – but can’t see anything your happiness goes unnoticed. But if you just take a moment and adjust your stare you will see a star, how long does it take before another star appears? how long does it last ? can you measure by the hours? Minutes? It only takes seconds, before your sky fills up with many stars.  Tell me how long does it take? To notice all this great things that surround you daily. If you just stop just for a moment, just a short pause and adjust your stare at your life. You know .. they are always there .. but it’s up to you if you really want to look and see them shining bright.

Now go and see your Happiness, it’s always there!